ultrashort teaser


Wild is Happy Ship's third short movie, and the shortest of them all, so far! Weighing in at a mere two minutes, we've been working on this one for about half a year, nevertheless, and are extremely proud that it's getting a theatrical release in the summer of 2013!

Wild is the story of an overzealous hunter and his explosive frolick through the peaceful woods. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that he has no idea what he is missing.

The movie has been picked to be included in the dutch Ultrakort (Dutch for ultra-short) project — a set of four 2 minute animations to show to the public at large as support acts of that year's blockbuster movies. And we're extremely proud to be chosen as the support act for the incredible Despicable Me 2! Despicable Me 2 premieres at June the 27th in The Netherlands. Go check it out!

Ultrakort is a project run by The Netherlands Film Fund, movie theatre Pathé and the SNS REAAL Fund, who funded and supported us for the creation of this piece of tomfoolery.


(We'll be adding more art to these pages soon. For now, here's a few renders from the early stages of the process)

Mood sketch for the outside of the forest

One of the first mood sketches...

...and the resulting early target render.






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