Film and Television

We've applied our talents to numerous film- and televison projects, usually getting involved from the pre-production stages onwards, applying ourself on smart solutions to get the vision of the director to be both wonderful and managable, both artistic and cost-effective.

We perform these projects as the 3D animation studio arm of Planet X FX — we'll be linking over there for the full breakdowns.

on the air since September 2013 NTR ident

For the fall 2013 idents of Dutch broadcaster NTR we animated this lovely crash test dummy. It was one of a line of idents by Gast Producties, check them all out!

aired October 2013 Leader De Prooi

Together with Planet X FX we created the leader for Dutch drama series De Prooi ("The Perfect Prey"), creating both the deer and the dealing-room environment. The dark, crystalline deer was fully hand-animated. There's a more thorough breakdown and information at the Planet X site.

aired September 2012 De Geheimen Van Barslet

We knew we were up for a challenge when Waterland Film approached us to inform if we could animate a rain of fish for the new Dutch television drama De Geheimen Van Barslet. After a good pre-production R&D phase, though, we got a stable, workable system in place to relatively easily fill those 270 shots with procedurally animated fish, in the thousands per shot.

The first fish appearing in the whole series was 100% computer generated.

Using procedural animation made the fish come alive, and made each fish behave in a unique way. Even with the hand-placed fish in the shots, their behaviour got believably erratic.

Moving cars, fish bouncing off of cars, fish reflecting in cars, cars casting shadows on fish — we had it all.

We got to show off our simulations in a few heavenly slow-motion shots.

You can find more information on the Planet X FX breakdown site, including a whole load of bouncing breadrolls. Go check it out.

aired December 2011 Pardoes

We had a wonderful time making set-extensions and landscapes for the fantastical children's television series De Magische Wereld van Pardoes — instigated by the well-known dutch attraction park De Efteling.

The ceiling of the grand wizard's observatory is fully computer-generated...

... as is that of the throne room...

... as was the full outside of the castle...

... as well as shots like these.

As you can imagine about a series about a young magical jester, there were plenty of other effects needed, from singing flowers to magically broken gems and enchanted powders that write out shapes in the air.

This bizarre flower was a lot of fun to animate.

More in-depth information on our Planet X site. Go!

released 2009 Spion Van Oranje

In the 2009 farce Spion van Oranje, an utterly incompetent couturier wreaks havock inside the pretentious world of spies and celebrity. It was up to us to visualise said havock. Not only did we build seemingly-alive spy-gadgets, rocket-launched planes from derelict hangars, but we also got to blow up the world-famous Royal Palace of Amsterdam. Wonderful!

Look at it go! We developed our own system to break up that palace facade into fragments, so we could both define debris-shapes by hand and break up the tinier pieces automatically.

Down she goes.

The plane-bomb in all its ludicrous detail.

The overblown video-player-device thingamajig was a lot of fun to design and put into motion.

We also lend our hand to the supercheesy title sequence.

More information, again, on our Planet X site.