Our Movies

in theaters summer 2013 Wild (2013)

The ultrashort teaser

In cinemas in the summer of 2013, a new short film (a minute or two). Called "Wild", its main protagonist is an overly enthousiastic hunter and his explosive frolick through the peacefull woods. It quickly becomes apparent, though, that he has no idea what he is missing.

Go to the hub-page (click here) for more information!

september 2010 Olaf (2010)

The trailer

Our short film Olaf premiered at The Dutch Film Festival (NFF) on the 25th of September 2010, after 5 years of working on it in-between other projects. The film has toured the festival circuit for a while now, with very pleasing reactions.

Olaf's joyous world.

Olaf is a fairytale about a young cannon, living a carefree life in a small town. One day, on his 14th birthday, he suddenly discovers the more destructive side of being a cannon. He feels forced to leave his damaged friends behind, and go out into the world in search of an elegant solution to his devastating problem.

What happens next we will leave to the movie to explain.

Much fun was had in the uplifting snowridden woods.

We rendered Olaf in a quite idiosyncratic style, harking back to stop-motion peculiarities of yesteryear. Thick, heavy lines and simple shading for the characters, as well as richly detailed backgrounds and stark-contrast texture make this one a sight to behold.

Much, much more detail can be found at the official Olaf page...


"YURI - de kleine astronaut" (Yuri the small astronaut) is a fictitious saturdaymorning childrens cartoon we created for the stageplay "Het Mooiste Geluid" ("The Most Beautiful Sound") from the duo Arling & Arling, animated to the voices and music of the duo. The three episodes were being watched on-stage in their entirety by the main characters of the play, and tell of Yuri's search for the most delicious cake in the universe.

It was a lot of fun animating these, cutting the same corners that cheap cartoons do, while still creating a somehow engaging bit of story. If you like cake, that is! Check out the three full episodes below (all in dutch, btw).

released 2002 Maybe (2002)

End 2002, Happy Ship produced the videoclip for the song "Maybe" by Camiel, which was to be the first single of Camiel's debut-album called "Sunset". We were totally free to come up with the looks and story of this piece, though of course the song itself was to give the first spark of inspiration.

Little Robbet waiting for the herring that sets the whole thing in motion.

We decided to go for a cutesey, cartoony look and story, complementing the feel of the music. In the video, we follow a little toaster-like robot with a slight malfunction, and his weird adventures in dating.

Who knew bus-stops are -the- place to pick up a romantic interest. Or two.

released 2000 The Joust (2000)

Our very very very first movie ever! We were asked by Maxon (creators of Cinema4D, our animation software) to make a movie in the — then — newest version of their program, to explore and exhibit the possibilities of the software. Other than that, they left us fully free in our approach, and the result is this peculiar piece of storytelling called 'the Joust'.

We concentrated very much on atmosphere.

Being short on time (the new program would be out soon) we decided to not make a full-fledged plot, but thought up a bizarre situation, and expanded on that, leaving it to the viewer to make sense of it.

Seems we didn't skimp on the environmental modelling...

This was the first real project we actually joined forces on, and as such the start of our company. Who was to know that the peculiarities of the movie still echo in the vast halls of our underground complex on the present day.

...or maybe we did? I don't remember.