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oct 30, 2012

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival

Olaf will be part of the KLIK! animation festival programme "Dutch Delights"! You can probably still get tickets for the viewings on wednesday november 17 and sunday november 11.

oct 15, 2011

Groningse Nieuwe

And another viewing of Olaf planned! This time as part of Groningse Nieuwe, an evening of animation all from the area. November 27, people!

oct 6, 2011

Vera Zienema

Olaf has been selected as part of an evening of shorts at Vera Zienema, Groningen!

aug 29, 2011

Olaf at Noorderzon!

A big Thank you to all our visitors at Noorderzon 2011, we hope you liked Olaf as much as we liked having you see it! It was a huge success, great atmsophere. And we made pictures!

aug 17, 2011

opened the photo galleries

If you were at our local premiere last may in Groningen, you may want to take a look at the photo gallery.

aug 12, 2011

Olaf at Noorderzon!

Tuesday the 23rd and wednesday the 24th of august, we'll be showing Olaf at the Noorderzon theatre festival in the park here in good ol' Groningen. About three viewings a night, from 20.30 till 22.00, in the Iglo on the speelweide, amidst all kinds of other festival activities. Should be a lot of fun! Come one come all!

apr 15, 2011

Triple showing in Grand Theatre Groningen!

On sunday the 15th of may, 2011, we'll be organizing a triple showing of the movie in our hometown of Groningen, in the extraordinary Grand Theatre. One free showing for whoever drops in at 15.00h, and two viewings for invites later on in the day, family and friends, relations, you kow who you are, and you'll get an official invitation soonish! Don't hestitate to contact me to make sure you're on the list.

mar 22, 2011

Buster 2011

Olaf - Happy Little Canon has been selected for BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2011, which takes place on 15 to 25 September. The film will be screened among the best contemporary children and youth short films from all over the world.

nov 20 2010


Trailer finished! Check it above or on vimeo or somewhat bigger here.

nov 14 2010

Artwork galleries

A huge bunch of original artwork is now available in the artwork galleries. Go check it out!

nov 02 2010

Cinekid 2010

Look what the organization of Cinekid gave us at the viewing of Olaf on October the 26th!

oct 28 2010

HAFF 2010

A friendly reminder: the viewers can vote for their festival favourite at the saturday viewing of Olaf at the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht. So... if you are planning on going there, be sure to do so on Saturday the 6th of November, 16:30, at theater City/The Movies, and vote us up!

If you like the movie, of course ;).

oct 22 2010

Cinemagic International Film Festival 2010

The programming panel has selected Olaf to be screened as part of the 20th Cinemagic International Film Festival for Young People (11th November - 26th November 2010) in Belfast.

oct 22 2010

Olaf at HAFF 2010

Well also be playing Olaf at the Dutch Animation Festifal HAFF. Check the link for dates and location!

oct 22 2010

Olaf at Cinekid 2010

Olaf will be playing at the Dutch festival Cinekid, on Tuesday the 26th of October 2010, 16.00h, as part of the "Nederlands Kort" program ("Dutch Short"), with a meet & greet for the public afterwards. Location: Ketelhuis 1, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam.

oct 22 2010

Olaf at AniMadrid 2010

Olaf has been viewed at the Spanish film festival Animadrid on September the 26th 2010, in the Contemporary Film, Childrens section. Good reactions!

"The projection was great, we had almost 450 kids at the theatre + their teachers + general public + staff at the projection cabin, all enjoying and laughing with Olaf and his "explosive" matter!"
Sol de Elia - AniMadrid


oct 21 2010

Oh dear, totally forgot to put the poster online! There we go, much better!

Bigger version here.

aug 30 2010

We're proud to announce that, after years of animating in-between the acts of other projects, our short film Olaf will finally premiere at The Dutch Film Festival (NFF) , held in the city of Utrecht at the end of September 2010. It will be shown to the world for the very first time on Saturday the 25th of September, at 16:15, just before the movie Bardsongs (Cinema Delicatessen and Sander Francken), in theater City/Movies, Voorstraat 89, Utrecht.

Our short film is a fairytale about the titular hero Olaf, a young cannon living a carefree smalltown life, appreciated by everyone around him. Then, on his 14th birthday, he is confronted with the more destructive side of being a cannon. He feels forced to leave his damaged friends behind, and go out into the world in search of an elegant solution to this devastating problem.

The film will be shown two more times at the NFF, on sunday the 26th and thursday the 30th of September, both times at 14:00.

We're still arranging to have a local premiere here in the north of the country, in Groningen, most probably somewhere in October. We'll keep you informed!

happy greetlings!
Naam, Martin Venema, Harry Arling, Peter Pankras, Marlon Regien